Who We Are

Who We Are

Perfect Optics® is a professional manufacturer and provider of intelligent High-end optical equipment and ultra-precision optical components & optical systems in China; Headquarter office,R&D Center and Manufacturing plant based in Chengdu,Sichuan, Our Sales & International Trading Center set up in Shanghai,China;

Our products are widely used in Aerospace & Aviation industry, Science Research, Medical, Imaging and Semiconductor etc fields, providing leading solutions, precision optical components and optical system for global cooperative partner;

Since 2016, We have successfully applied for 4 Invention Patents, 3 Authorized Invention Patents, 9 Utility Model Patents and 4 Computer Software including Software of Ion beam featuring time calculation;

We always maintains state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities including IBF series Ion Beam Featuring Equipment, IRP series Intelligent Robot Polishing Equipment which R&D by ourselves;  Quality Inspection instruments including :ZYGO Interfermeter,600 Plane Interometer, Luphoscan 600HD and CMM etc ;

Our team has strong R&D capability, Our core Engineers are all Doctors which from the Institute of Optical & Electronics, China National Academy of Sciences,and Perfect service system at local & oversea, to ensure products quality and service.



시춘옌 박사, 최고 경영자 겸 창시자

시춘연 박사, 초정밀 선진 광학을 10년 이상 깊이 경작, 박사를 공부하는 동안 이온 빔 광택 설비와 기술을 깊이 연구하는데 전심, 작업, 고달프고 힘든 것을 참고 사람과 친화;

2006년부터 2011년까지 중국과학원 대학원 박사
2010-2015 중국과학원 광전연구소 부연구원
2016년 젠젠광학을 설립하고 ceo 직을 맡았다.

국가여러가지 중점과제 책임자:

국가 02 중대전문세부과제 책임자이다
2009년 광학가공기술연구,

중국과학원"서부광박사 프로젝트 책임자
2011~2012년, 초정밀 이온빔 광택 연구;

국가자연과학기금 청년기금 책임자
2014년 프로젝트 번호 61308074, 고주파 오차의 제어 연구;

2010년 중국은 첫 독일제 이온빔 광택기를 수입했다. 쉬박사는 응용책임자로서 이온빔 광택기의 설치, 사용 및 유지보수를 주도했다. 끊임없는 실습을 통해 점차적으로 설비의 구조, 원리, 각 부품의 기능과 파라메터 설정 등을 마스터했다.

Culture & Vision

Our Vision & Mission

Focus on building an international brand of intelligent High-end optical equipment and ultra-precision optical components and optical systems + a century-old  enterprise, and provide better solutions for global customers to realize industry 4.0 and intelligent factory.

Our Culture & Value

1.Deliver Happiness &  Caring for neighbors ; 
2.Open mind,Brave to face new things and challenges, hard work, continuous innovation;

Our Core Competitiveness

1. Under the international vision, We continue to meet the rapid development of market and customer requirements;  
2. High-tech enterprise which with 16+ technology patents,Quality management system ISO9001 certification approved, for the global customers to provide high-quality products;

Our Team

Our founder is a doctor from Institute of Optics and Electronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, a senior, professional management team, and a group of "craftsman" spirit of R & D, technology and manufacturing team with their own belief and attitude of doing things to perfect.